Sunday, December 25, 2016



Whatever you celebrate I hope you enjoy them, or have already enjoyed them! Today we have the Christmas special.

Grand Daddy Santa Scourge is dropping off all of his presents today!

We have something special for this episode! We have Nigel from the UK who is our newest member rounding us out for 90% of the major meta's in the world!

Intro: 0:34 

Introduction to newest cast member: 1:08 

News/BoW Boot camp discussion: 2:04 

Hobby Time!: 33:18 

Game Talk: 51:03 

War Reports: 65: 35 

Outro: 112:00

Remember to stay tuned at the end for the winner of the contest!


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For tokens, acrylic and MDF please check out The Model Exchange for all those needs, they have acrylic stations, clusters, debris, Battlegroup Spike and Layer trackers and so much more!

The Patreon page will be getting a special episode for the Captain level and up so please support us on there to get all of that and more. Every patron helps fund The HotLZ and keeps us wanting to do more in the way of contests, prizes, and support for our community. We don't do this for money but it takes money to keep this going. Thank you again for your support!

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