Saturday, December 3, 2016

The third episode of our series is a .5 episode. . . 

I guess we are doing it right! Here it is, The round-up of last week!

We finish up this the episode with some jumping around. We cover Jason Bruce's Hobby, some war reports, Jason's opinions on the Emergency News from last week, and a wacky rules question that I get overruled on. . . Pesky Democracies :P

Hobby Time with Jason Bruce: 0:25

War Reports: 2:43

     D-Day over New Eden
     Levi vs LT Jason
     George's League

Q&A Hot Topics: 27:43

Upcoming Events: 42:16

     George's League continued

Emergency News with Bruce: 43:08

Back to upcoming events: 45:27

     Demo with Jason and Levi on December 3rd and 10th
     Thunderdome in SPACE! December 17
     December 29th Demo Day with Peter
     Brisbane Con

Outro: 49:15


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  1. I'm sorry, but specifying it's not "regular" armour, implies that it is some kind of armour. The very next sentence also notes that it has "two armour profiles". The fluff for scald also talks about "rapid fire plasma". Heat alone, is dealt with in dropfleet through spikes (ie burnthrough). To me, the idea of rapid fire plasma and corrosive weapons is obviously to overwhelm the opponent.

    All they had to do was clearly delineate that it was not armour in the rules. Instead they give the impression that it is, it's just not 'regular' armour, because it's immune to crits.

  2. What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.

    Is it the fact that they have called them "Shields" that the fluffsters are having trouble getting their head around? - What if everything was exactly the same and printed as it is but it was called "Active Armour" instead of "Shields"? What discussion outcomes and decisions would be made then?
    What if they were called Beta Blockers? or Flying Pancakes?

    1. Names are powerful things. They invoke the things people think of. It can also be a limitation to imagination.