Saturday, January 21, 2017

THLZ Episode 5: Do you choose to accept this Mission?


It is time for the missions! In this episode we will check up on some missions and discuss the rules behind them as they have been explained to us by HawkDave and to our members from there. Then we hit up on the missions themselves and even do some basic strategy.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Battle Report: The Co-Hosts duel again!

Hello THLZ fans! It is I, Levi, and my battle-buddy, Jason A, from The HotLZ Podcast! Today we bring you a written battle report of my first 1500 point game against Jason’s PHR. Read on and enjoy!

Big shout out to Ian Gilbraith at WargamingMats for supplying the vinyl mat we used. It is a fantastic product. Light weight, matte finished, and durable. The models do not slide around, the mat quickly lays flat (even when cold because it was in the trunk of a car for a while). Another good thing is for us US gamers, he can have them printed and shipped stateside, which means CRAZY CHEAP MATS THAT ARE REALLY HIGH QUALITY. Seriously though, check him out on Facebook, or go to his eBay store directly. He’s got a ton of designs in both 6x4, 4x4, and formats for a few other games. I received my mat within 3 days of it being shipped and I live in Kansas. I was a little hesitant about the vinyl material because I’ve never seen it before, but if you have seen the Chessex square grid mats that RPGs sometimes use, it’s the same material, but thicker. If you can’t afford (or don’t want to shell out the cash) for other mat materials, like mouse mat, then give this guy a look-see. It’s good stuff!

Shaltari Weapon Investments 101

Disintegrator Banks Are A Better Return On Your Investment

Having played a few games now, all the way up to 2000 points, I have fallen in love with a group. No it is not my Amethyst spam, which I do love that group as well, it is my Vanguard  group consisting of an Onyx, Amber, and two Topaz.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

THLZ Episode 4: Beginner Friendly how fleets are built

First post of the New Year!!!

Since this is my first post for the year, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

Enjoy this audio treat of random assortment of noise and sounds created by the cast!