Saturday, January 7, 2017

THLZ Episode 4: Beginner Friendly how fleets are built

First post of the New Year!!!

Since this is my first post for the year, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!

Enjoy this audio treat of random assortment of noise and sounds created by the cast!

Intro: 0:00
News: 2:38
Hobby Time: 13:52
Game Talk Fleet Construction and Approach types: 28:05
War Reports: 54: 48
Upcoming Events 168:32

Emergency Event Transmission:

The Monovia System has been under Scourge control for decades. Now, forces are in motion that will shift the balance of power forever!

Take part in our ladder campaign as either attacker or defender! Fleet admirals are attempting to climb the ladder of pre written scenarios to reach the final with the highest points!

Fleets for scenario 1 at 700 points. Increases and decreases follow based on the success of your admiral!

All fleets must be fully painted to take part.

Further details available in store. Follow the link below for the Facebook page event! 

Asgard Wargames 
71 Gilkes Street, TS1 5EH Middlesbrough

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