Friday, May 12, 2017

THLZ Episode 13: Goooooooood morning, Eden Prime!

Every ship has a use in a fleet, if you figure out the light cruisers, please email us and let us know....

The week myself, Damion, Jason the Bruce, and fresh off unpacking arrest Levi, talk about light cruisers. And light cruisers are like light beer, there are a couple that are good, but most aren't worth the time. We do cover the fact the the Scourge light cruisers are aces in a list, and how it would be shocking to find the others in a list. Damion shares a batter report, and confirms what I have been saying about the Shaltari.

Podcast Breakdown
The News: 1:37
Hobbytime: 6:30
Game Talk: 15:36
War Reports: 1:07:53

We also started a new game one the podcast called word of the cast, so come up with some words and send them to me George on Facebook, that way we can continue to hear Yokai.

Thanks again to our sponsor The Model Exchange and our other Patreon supporters. And all of the other listeners thank you for downloading and listening. 


  1. Great episode guys. Thanks for the kind words, you guys to very good work, and I really do like the variety of opinions you all bring to the show.

    I admit I need to gather some motivation and finish building my fleet, currently I'm working on UCM, though I am still waiting on a partial order from hawk, I ordered Saratoga's and a battleship, but got Saratoga's and corvettes, so just waiting on the replacement battleship.

    So far I'm sitting on
    2 heavy cruisers
    1 fleet carrier
    1 new York (carrier battleship)
    3 cruisers (magnetized to swap weapons)
    4 Saratoga's
    4 new Orleans
    4 undetermined frigates
    12 corvettes

    My background, I have been minis gaming since 2001, currently I live in the Chicago suburbs, but I grew up in Iowa, and even spent a year out in Portland in 05-06, I miss GameGeex, I primarily am an infinity player, though I also play DZC Bloodbowl and various other boardgames.

    For dzc I've only really had one game so far at the demo table at adepticon on Thursday, and I was playing scourge.

    I'm not sure if it was the last episode or the episode before where you mentioned mayacast and battle foam, but both Tom and Kip have worked for battle foam in the past though neither of them are still with the company.

    Anyway this has gotten rambling, keep up the good work, you make the workday feel that much shorter.

    1. Glad you're enjoying the cast, we love getting feed back. If you have anything for us please shoot us am email at

    2. Thank you for your support! That is a pretty decent list of ships though I think you need another Starter set (MORE CRUISERS!) but that is just me.

  2. What if we look at aquamarine in group of 2-3 as a decent anti-frigate group, that can easily cripple 2-3 frigates per turn, and the ones that live could cause the whole group to have to make a course change order in order to stay in coherency. If you manage to turn one frigate around enough, they have to decide to lose coherency or forfeit their intended order to maintain coherency. 2dp on 2+ means frigates will burn up pretty well in my opinion. I myself have not tried this, but its an interesting idea I thought of while listening to you guys.

    1. That is a good thought, however, as cool and quaint as they are, that is an expensive answer to frigates. I still havent used any of them in a game but a weapon system that hits on 2+ should have a place some where in a fleet, just not sure yet where that is...

    2. Could you not just use 2 Jades to do the same thing though?