Friday, April 28, 2017

THLZ Episode #12 These are a little different...

The Cruisers that aren't Cruisers but are Crusiers...

Peter and I talk about some ships that are technically Cruisers, but fill rolls that only these ships can fill, carriers and bulk landers. Oh and a silly ship called a mother ship. And of course we have some pretty pics from Salute, big shout out to Beast of War for letting us use the pictures they took.

Podcast Breakdown

The News: 1:03
Hobbytime: 3:38
Gametalk: 6:46
War Reports: 38:00
Q/A: 46:57
Up Coming Events: 59:07

 Pics of the new Dropfleet ships courtesy of Beasts of War

Thanks Again to all our Pateron sponsors and you the listeners.

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