Friday, May 26, 2017

THLZ Episode 14: Some times size does matter

They can be quick, they can be annoying, they can round out your fleet...

Frigates are this weeks discussion as Peter, and Jason A. delve into probably the most underrate and underused ships, in my case, Damion and Bruce also show up to chime in as well

Podcast Breakdown
The News: 1:19
Hobbytime: 3:46
Game Talk: 6:25
War Reports: 1:04:23
Q/A: 1:10:33
Upcoming Events: 1:31:05

Damion continues to see first hand some of the still existing issues, that I as a Shaltari player agree with. I also got another game in with Will. Jason is done with school and will finally be able to start playing games again.

Also the big news for one of our host, Levi, who is now engaged!!!

And of course more talk about the changes to the talk about the changes specifically to the Shaltari.

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And thank you to all of the listeners,


  1. I want to see two or three scourge battleship kits bashed together to make an epic long snake-like battleship with all the body segments combined that uses 2-3 bases to hold it up. I think that would be an EPIC model to display!

    1. that would be pretty sweet, as long as there are only two torps to launch