Friday, April 14, 2017

THLZ Episode 11: Some are more useful than others...

These are the ships that are there to get the work done, some are like me and get a lot done, some are like Jason the Bruce and only take up space. 

Just kidding Jason you are useful unlike some of the Cruisers we talk about this episode. Every faction has a workhorse, and every faction has the creepy uncle that only shows up for the holidays. If you don't get it, you don't have any uncles. Damion is also pretty salty about the effectiveness of PHR shooting.  And Damion meant to say Alan, not Adam...

Podcast breakdown:

The News: 1:20
Hobbytime: 3:42
Gametalk: 12:40
War Reports: 1:03:16
Q/A: 1:13:14
Upcoming Events: 1:16:48

Orbital Assault Tourney in Brighton UK the 25th of June

And spoke with Michel about Impact 2017 and as this episode goes live, this event has already come and gone. 

Thank you to all of our patreon supporters, you make this show happen, and thank you to the listeners. May you enemy fear you when you go weapons free.    

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