Friday, March 31, 2017

THLZ Episode 10: Lets experiment with some things

The Experimental Rules From Hawk Have Been Made Public, Reactions Are Positive...

Damion, Jason, and myself finally talk about the experimental rules that Hawk and the Talons have been working on in the backroom. We like them for the most part, hell even I agree with the nerfs to the shaltnangains.

Podcast breakdown:
The News: 1:24
Hobbytime: 2:28
Gametalk: 4:08
War Reports: 1:10:10
Upcoming Events: 1:30:08

Chistoph Schult's Gaming club that has the PHR battleship video.

First place tokens for Damion's upcoming tournament 

And finally the updated scenario from Michel

Materials needed:
1 dice bag
Sector tokens + crippled effect tokens(count as ruins)= 30 sector tokens
Commercial: 4
Industrial: 8
Military: 6
Power Plant: 2
Comms Station: 2
Orbital Defence: 2
Ruins: 6 (Use Crippling effect tokens)

Get 3 commercial, 1 industrial, 1 military and 2 ruins, from the

Draw these at random and place 1 sector1 face down in the
center of each quarter, plus 1 the middle of the table, for a
total of 5.

These are the centers of the clusters for scanning and will be
the first that is added to a cluster!

Put the others back into the bag without looking at them!

Clusters are revealed as per Surveying; see p. 75. With these additions.
• Surveying may be done on turn 1.
• Roll a D6 to determine cluster size:
1-2 = small clusters, 3-4 = medium cluster, 5-6 = large cluster

Revealing sectors: the player which first scanned, places tokens at random and may then look at them. These are only revealed to the enemy after they either scan the cluster, after they land in a sector blind or a special rule of a sector is used. (EG. If you land in a military sector and shoot the defense weapons, THEN you reveal it, not before)

Scoring VP: Per cluster you scan, you get 1 VP as per rulebook.

Large Clusters become Critical Locations.(p74) You score at the end of turns 4 and 6.

Approach: Column

No debris fields at the start of the battle are placed.
When a ship is destroyed a debris field is added of approximately that explosion range instead!
Catastrophic damage table results: 1-3 = Dense debris, 4-6= fine debris, 7+ = NO debris


  1. I have a question id love to hear your thoughts on! Dont know if this is the place to ask but here goes!

    Im mainly looking to introduce DFC to new players, and even player new to wargaming entirely. I own two 2-p starter sets and feel the introduction scenario is a bit stale and doesn't show DFC in its full potential.

    What would be the best 999p fleets for UCM and Scourge to use for this purpose, and what mission/deployment to go with that?

    Thanks in advice, love you podcast as its keeping me company out at the construction site!


    1. We would love to answer that question Marcus, I will make a note of it in the notes to go over it in ep12

    2. I think we will go over this very soon

  2. Oh man, lots of shaltari hate.

    I think you guys mentioned that Amethysts have been wrecking all the major tourneys but that's not true. James and I won LVO without any Amethysts in either of our lists.

    His killy stuff was a Diamond and 2 Obsidian. My killy stuff was a Diamond and 3 Turquoise (#TeamBlueBalls). The rest of our lists were a few Opal, then Emeralds and Voidgates. I don't think our lists would have been all that different post-experimental rules, except we'd have had one less voidgate and received less VP from CLs. Not much we can do to accommodate the Voidgate change in terms of list building. Not like we can take less Voidgates if we want to remain able to drop troops. We will simply score less CL VP, which in my personal opinion isn't what needs to happen. My UCM grab CLs all the time by pulling up 1-2 strike carriers on turns 4/6.

    All the other changes I'm fine with, Diamond at 290 with crippling on 4+ is still the king of battleships. The faction's battleships could stand to be made better still. If Dave wanted more people to take the Platinum he needs to make it cheaper or have more launch. Or make Bombers a better option. Course Change is still the ideal way to handle 99% of situations... It makes F(N) weapon drawbacks irrelevant, bombers less effective, PLANNING AHEAD with movement and positioning less necessary... hell, just remove Course Change entirely and the game becomes more tactical in several ways.

    You know, what started out as a correction on the Amethyst thing became an alright post idea. To the Forums!

    1. Hey no hate on the shaltnanagians from me here, just think more tweaking needs to be done to them. The angry killey death machines known as Amethysts did need something done to them. On the 10th I played with a Diamond, her name is Kelly and she is putting herself through nursing school, and even with the experimental rules... it's still to much. Twice it pulled ships that were at full hull. I will probably still find a way to fit Kelly, I mean a Diamond at 310

  3. Edit: the *other* factions battleships could still be made better as well.

  4. Now technically from the game rules perspective, the New york is now considered a super carrier. One of the rule changes defined a super carrier in this game to be an ship with launch 7 or more for fighter/bombers. From a game stat perspective it is considered a super carrier.