Thursday, October 13, 2016

UCM Light Ship Overviews

Overviews of the Light ships of the UCM:

Let us review the different Light ships of the United Colonies of Mankind. I will be going over each ships and my personal thoughts on the ships. 

Now I am not Great Captain or the like so if you have any ideas on different uses or thoughts let me know!

I am treating this like a video review so all you will get is the stat page as I have them. I want to thank my sources for these pictures, they have assisted many many people in their endeavors!

Light Units:

New Orleans-class Strike Carrier:

As we can see from these, the New Orleans does not have much in the way of power, it is fast though at a Thrust of 10". This puts it on par with the PHR frigates. It has a gun which allows it to do a bit of something. However shooting through Atmosphere (where this ship wants to be) is always a 6+ since it does not have Air to Air. 

Strike Carriers all have the Open Special rule which allows it to ignore all coherency rules. 

Toulon-class Frigate:

The Toulon is a semi aggressive ship. It is cheap enough and can have a group of 4 which means you can have groups of these as an offense and it can actually be scary. for 35 points you are getting a nimble base, small amount of dice and damage potential but these like to be enmasse I think.

Taipei-class Frigate:

The Taipei is AGGRESSIVE! For the price of a PHR strike carrier you are getting a group of what some have coined as a Bruiser of Battleships. The only downside is that you need a max group of 6 and have to be in Close Action range of 6". With the Thrust of 10" you can sweep and flank but you will want to be Silent Running as often as not I think. At least the turn that normal scan engagement will occur. 

Jakarta-class Frigate:

The Jakarta is pretty special. It is currently the only ship in the game with Aegis which means it can increase the Point defense of ships within 4" and that ability stacks! So if you have 2 Jakarta's within 4" of a ship being attacked by bombers, Close Action weapons (that are not Beam) that attacked ship gets 12 more dice of Point Defense!!!

Lima-class Frigate:

This gem. . . well, this will provide the UCM with a lot of tactics that other factions will have to suffer Major Spikes to do. That in itself is HUGE but it gets better. Detector from what I have seen allows those Lima's to bypass the normal rule of Order Selection and always gets to use Active Scan which on its own is great but on top of that the Lima gets to bypass the 1 ship limit on Active Scanning.

The Santiago-class Corvette will get added when we get pictures of the models and dread2005 makes a graph for it. 

Overall thoughts:

The UCM have some GREAT frigates. One of the best Close Action Frigates I have seen so far, a decent Mid range frigate and top tier support frigates. That Lima is the only Frigate out currently that is an Offensive Support frigate and that makes it special!

As always thank you for reading and if you have any questions, criticism and such, let me know (but be willing to take some back).

Now get those Boots on the Ground!

All images of ships with points are owned by Hawk Wargames (C) 2016


  1. Nice.

    I strongly suggest, however, that you make all of your pictures Large. It's impossible to read them without clicking on them to enlarge them to full screen, and that's just too much effort, so I just skipped over reading the stats, and I think getting the stats out there is one of your primary motivations for this series, right? And I'm not a special snowflake, so if I'm just glossing over them, other folks are, too, and then what's the point of this series? You're cranking out so many blog posts that just getting thru them takes time, so please make it easier on us to read by providing Large pictures...

    1. OK, yeah, definitely need larger pictures. It looks like it affects how big they get when you click on them to enlarge them -- can barely read these...

  2. Hey! First of all, let me say I'm really enjoying your articles. Fun and informative.

    If you'll allow me a few pieces of friendly advice, you're using some words incorrectly, or at least spelling them. In later articles I've seen "roll" instead of "role", but I'm commenting here because here is example of one of the repeat offenders:
    "you will want to be Silent Running as often as naught I think"
    "naught" is a word, but it does not mean "not"; it means "nothing" or "zero". Furthermore, the phrase you're trying to use is "as often as not"; "naught" definitively does not go here.

    Hope this helps a bit, and keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you for your support! I am not English literature graduate and end up typing a storm! I will get those fixed ^_^