Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ship Overview Shaltari Part 3: The big bad Weapons Free Experts. . .

With the power of a Shaltari Battleship do you really need more?

*sniff* it is finally the end of the series and we will end it with a bang. . .well a Beam. 

In today's article we will cover the Shaltari, Heavy Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships. There are more shenanigans but I will just likely end up table flipping something by the end of this. . .

Lets get into it!

What to expect:

The Shaltari big ships are for the most part nice. . . there are a few eggs in here that will drive me mad but other than that it is rather relaxed. . .

Heavy Cruisers:

Obsidian-class Heavy Cruiser:

The Obsidian is like the Amber, it is in the recommended Starter Fleet for a reason. With the ability to shoot its Linked Particle Lances this ship wants to snipe and it can do it. The particle weapons hit on a 3+ and deal 2 damage each which is ok but when they hit the crit so it can stack up!

Onyx-class Heavy Cruiser:

The Onyx is just a Weapons Free ship that can shoot out 12 shots a single turn and has great arcs even when not going Weapons Free. I like it, strong and versatile this ship has few shenanigans.

Jet-class Heavy Cruiser:

I rather enjoy the Jet. Strong bombardment, Disintergration Battery, two types of Close Action Weapons. This ship takes the issues with the Turquoise and makes it REALLY good. . . I have worries about this strength of this ship. It could rank up that as a nightmare to face.


Adamant-class Battlecruiser:

The Adamant is the most aggressive ship next to the dreaded Diamond I think. With a dual Particle Lance and two Disintegration Batteries this ship can be a complete annoyance and assist in protecting a flank.

Palladium-class Battlecruiser:

The Palladium is a fun ship. Not only does it have the Bombardment ability but it also has Impel! This ship can do just about everything and I think it is a fun ship to get near the middle of the board and annoy EVERY SINGLE TROOPSHIP!!! GAH!

Sorry. . . my caps lock got stuck. . . >. >

With a Beam Close Action Weapon, Impel, AND accurate bombardment this ship can become a HUGE workhorse of any fleet.

Supercarrier / Battleship:

Platinum-class Supercarrier:

The Platinum is the only Supercarrier in the game and it has had its Launch Assets reduced to 7 since the beta. Which is actually fine to me. With 2 Basalt and the Platinum you hit the max Launch of 15 and so you will be able to reach out and touch people with this beautiful ship!

It is also a cool thing that the Platinum has a single Gate as well so you can use it to drop a troop or armor token to assist your Motherships.

 Diamond-class Battleship:

 This table flipping . . . goosfraba. . . . goosfraba. . .

Ok, I needed that.

The Diamond is going to be the most annoying ship that ANYONE will face. You thought the Dark Matter Cannon was scary? That has nothing on the Super Lance Triad! Not only is it Crippling which would be fine since you have to crit to activate the ability, it is MOTHERFLIPPING PARTICLE TO BOOT!. . . ohh. . .cap locks. . . why you hate me?

  • (ノಥ,_」ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻

  • Sorry again. . . Remember that Particle is the ability that if you hit, you crits. . . so on 3 shots. . . on a 2+ lock. . . unless you roll triple 1s (it will happen to someone a few times *cough* me *cough*) you will cripple a ship EVERY TIME! Now the only real threat is a Scourge Cruiser who moves on more than 8" or a Light Cruiser who moves 10" or more. . . this thing is scary! Dealing 2 damage per crit of the Particle Lance Triad, with a total potential of 6 damage at anything it reaches out and touches. . .

    Oh yea. . . you have a gate as well. . . . mer. . .


    Some times I think shenanigans is just not a strong enough word to use for these ships. Most of these are perfectly fine and are more than capable to be of use but like the PHR with its issues with the Minos, the Shaltari flip that around and give you without a doubt, the best Super Heavy ship in the game.

    I think the Shaltari will be a strong force. Their Gate Mechanic means that they can be overran by troopships but with the ability to just reposition their troops to make up for that we will see some annoying tactics. . . 


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