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Scourge Ship Overview Frigates

Scourge Overview:

Before we start, I feel the Scourge are one of the most dangerous factions. They have the most consistent damage with most all of their weapons are 3+ and Scald is one of the most dangerous Weapon Special Rules to me personally. . . 


The Scourge have some really specialized frigates and I am excited to go over these with you!

Gargoyle-class Strike Carrier:

The Strike Carrier of the Scourge is a workhorse! It is fast, has Scald so it can hurt ships when it is not in Atmosphere (or even when it is and makes those lucky 6's) and can just be a pain. Not much to say here, it is a Strike Carrier and as such you will likely have at least 2 to may 6 in a fleet.

Djinn-class Frigate:

Oh the Djinn. . . while 4 points more than the Taipei and only d6+2 where the Taipei is d6+4, the Djinn has Scald. . . Scald is just plain evil. . . so, how scald works is that while you are in Scan range of a ship (6" for most Scourge ships) all damaging shots increase the armor of the defending ship by +1. So a 3+ ship is now 4+, a 4+ is 5+, and a 5+ is 6+. So with an average of 5-6 shots on that d6+2 roll the Djinn is a force to be reckoned with. . .

One other thing to consider is that the Taipei is a Lock of 4+ while the Djinn is Lock 3+. So, if you are rolling 8 dice with the Taipei, 1 will likely crit and you will hit with 3 more where as the Djinn with 6 dice will have 2 crits and 2 hits. This seems like the same but the crits take 2 Point Defense Successes to negate so to negate the Taipei you need 5 successes (15ish dice) and the Djinn needs 6 (18ish dice) per unit. Even just negating the crits would be 2 for the Taipei (6ish dice) and 4 for the Djinn (12ish dice)

Expect to see these. . . oh yes. . .

Harpy-class Frigate:

The Harpy. . . Seriously, one of my FAVORITE frigates in the game. This is a great gun Frigate in my opinion. At 42 points you are getting a fast moving frigate that have a single shot gun that hits on a 3+ but does 2 damage when it hits. So while 1/3rd of the time you will miss, 1/3rd of the time you will crit and just deal 2 straight damage to the enemy ship. This means most frigates *cough* PHR *cough* will be crippled and likely blow up or something nasty.

Two of these are 84 points and are a solid Frigate hunting group I think. a group of 4 is getting scary, and if you are going to scare the bejesus out of cruiser and bigger targets, 8-11 of these can be a terrifying battlegroup to come across. . .

Charybdis-class Frigate:

The Charybdis is one of the cheapest frigates in the game (I believe only Strike carriers are cheaper and Voidgates do not count. . . ). On top of that it has a Bombardment 4 weapon! However it lacks the special rule that the PHR Medea-class Strike Carrier has, so its bombardment attacks have to be done at Low Orbit for no Penalty. Still, 70 points for 2 of these shooting 8 dice mean it is a match point for point for the Madrid and better at bombardment than I think anything else out there. 

I believe that these will be in lists. They are great at helping you thin the herd so to say on the ground and provide a nice escort to the Gargoyle. 

Scylla-class Frigate:

 The Scylla is an interesting frigate. It has the ability to attack ships in orbits above it with no penalty. At a 4+ it is one of the weaker lock values in the faction but 2 shots each means 1 will hit on average. You are literally killing them with pings and prods.

Fun ship but I have not used it. It will be fun to see across the table, while making me wish Corvettes released faster!


The Scourge have some of the more specialist Frigates out there. From having the only bombardment Frigate to having a Frigate that can snipe targets while in Atmosphere, the Scourge have a WIDE variety of tactics associated with different uses and combinations of their combat centric frigates. Add into that, that each Scourge frigate can go to Atmosphere and lie in wait. . .well it will be interesting to say the least to see what people come up with.

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