Tuesday, February 7, 2017

THLZ Sort Of Live: From LVO

Info, straight from the source.

Don, one of the owners of the FLGS I play at, was able to get a quick interview in with Dave from HawkWar Games.

Dave gives us a quick overview of the command cards, ships that are to come, and a little bit of a game he played.


  1. I'm confused how the strategy of voidgates being able to drop troops turn one after max thrusting is a thing? I thought max thrusting prevented a ship from dropping a layer, and It normally takes two turns to get a ship to atmospheric levels anyways. So what rule am I not understanding/forgetting that would allow Shaltari to be able to max thrust, drop to atmosphere, and drop troops in one turn? Any clarification would be much apreceated!

    1. On a Scenario where the clusters are 24" from the player edge this is not an issue, but take scenario 7 for example. Some of the clusters are more than 24" from the deployment zone. With the void gates able to move 12" drop to low orbit, then max thrust up to 24". Now on turn two the Shaltari can drop troops on the clusters with out exposing themselves to enemy fire.

  2. You can turn on max thrust, course change, station keeping and standard. What would prevent the gate from launching is that the max thrust order prevents you from firing weapons and therefore launching assets. Since the ruling that it is the mothership ( as of the recently published errata) that gains the spike and launches the ground forces, it would be subject to the rules restrictions from the orders, not the voidgate. In all fairness this is probably the better ruling, since if it were the other way round we could have motherships running silent or max thrusting and launching troops. Then no one would ever get to grips with them.

  3. Ah ok so you can drop layer while max thrusting thats what I was hung up on. So what you're saying is since the mothership is the one launching then the voidgates are able to max thrust and still allow the mothership to launch through them. That is definitely a tricky ruling but I think it makes sense.