Friday, February 17, 2017

THLZ Episode 7: Errata Has Arrived.

We had some questions, we got some answers.

Sooner than expected, we got an errata to the rules and some questions answered. Due to real life and some scheduling conflicts, it only myself and Jason the Bruce on this podcast, but that didn't stop us as we covered the errata and the questions that got answered. We cover CANCON some and we also  talk about Alex Barton's excellent troop and tank tokens he made. 

Podcast Breakdown:
1:38 The News
3:17 Hobbytime
7:18 Gametalk
23:51 War Reports
59:20 Q/A
1:34:57 Upcoming Events

Here is the link to 6mm D6 that the Bruce mentioned.

Rob's, the TO for CANCON, gift from the players. Well done gents.


For tokens, acrylic and MDF please check out The Model Exchange for all those needs, they have acrylic station, clusters, debris, Battlegroup Spike and Layer trackers, and so much more!

Once again, please support the Patreon, it keeps teamspeak and soundcloud running, and will allow us to do more as we go on. We don't do this for the money, we do it for you the listener. 


  1. roughly 1:29:00 , Dave said on BOW that Torpedos only come back once

  2. we noticed that as well. i copied and pasted the errata and questions as they appeared on the hawk page.

    Q. Torpedoes state that if they do not hit they attack again at the end of the target’s next activation. Does this only happen once and then they are removed, or do you keep rolling until the ship is hit? What above if it moves into Atmosphere?
    A. You keep rolling each turn until the Torpedo hits. If the ship is destroyed, moves off the table or is removed for any other reason, the Torpedo is removed. If the ship enters Atmosphere, the Torpedo is also removed.

    Looks like we need to bug Dave some more...

  3. Hi Hot LZ, liked the show look forward to more.

    Running Cancon was great but expensive (just over AUD$1000). There are a few things I will change for next year, but I am most happy that the DZC ran largely one time so players could get to their flights or home for work the next day. DFC was an hour over schedule because I had to chase a missing player. The players loved the extra effort I made for Trophies and everything else so bought for me, the gift pictured above. THANK YOU ALL. I LOVE THEM. If I can I am taking them to Briscon 2017.

  4. I like constructive feedback that informs me were player/s think the rules are right and wrong and need clarification to take them to the perfection players demand. In this episode of The Hot LZ, I have recieved more feedback on the special mission rules than I received from the players. Instead of constructive feedback, I received abusive FB posts and emails because some players did NOT read my special rules just complained about the IDEA of having extra rules and the time it would take you learn or play them. As a player too, I dont like long winded and overly complex rules. I worked extremely hard reducing the volumes each rule was, down to a few paragraphs or a few lines. Making them easy to read, easy to play and took minuscule time and effort for each player act on during the game. As you can see in the players pack for both games, all the special rules are with the missions to make it easy access them with out loosing time by going through the players pack looking for them. I felt that some players just used the special mission rules as an excuse to play something else as one unnameable player did that I talked too.

  5. This world we live in relays on creative people. So when did it become a crime to 'create' anything as one player's FB post seamed to imply. For the Cancon 2017 special rules, I followed the second paragraph of the DZC tournie pack 2017. That allows TOs to use the tournie pack as a base and welcomes TOs ''to customise this pack to create their own unique events'' and reading that I wanted Southern Invasion (because its in the Southern hemisphere) to be an unique event with unique missions based on the rule book missions with new rules for each one. Limiting each mission to 2-3 easy to read, play and easy for player to implement.

    Can you answer this question....
    ''Why do you want to travel 1,000+ km (600-700 miles) to Cancon only to play missions for the rulebook?''

    The reason I am travelling that far to play book mission is because I want to support Darren who has themetically placed the rule book mission so you start approaching the planet to assault space stations in game one to assaulting the planet in game five. Also I want to support Briscon too.

    For the DFC mission 'Battered but not beaten', I am surprised that a competive player like Adrian did not work put that if he put one or all of his Toulon Groups into the debris field and harvested them. That doing so would remove the debris field/s from the game and any advantage that the Shaltari had from hiding behind the debris. Also ships that removed the debris field by harvesting suffered no damage rolls

  6. One special mission rule from the dzc players pack called 'Sandstorm' needed more work but you dont always spot the traps until you step on them and thats why I ask for constructive feedback. The trap in the special mission rules for Sandstorm was not having off switch. The rules limited the LOZ and shooting range to make game play quicker but when the mission was played, it gave to much advantage to short range fire and skimmishers. The off switch would be.... at the start of turn two the sandstorm stops on a roll of 4+, turn three 2+, turn four or more it automatically stops. This insight only comes from players' feedback and playtesting from players and the rules writer (which I did a few times but it takes more than one head to spot mistakes)

  7. The Scoring for the Dropfleet tournament was call into question by Adrian and some of his friends. I check the scores several times cross referencing and recalculating the scores. When I determined the final score, I had two other player check it too. Rex won 1st because he played a game before Cancon agsinst Peter's Shaltari and lost badly. He used the lessons from that game to hard against the three Shaltari fleets he faced at Cancon. Russel got beginners luck and Adrian appeared to play conservatively such as not removing debris field by harvesting them.

  8. 6-7 Player turn out sounds low for a major tournament. The main reasons behind this; is players waiting on their Kickstarter pledges and that Friday was not a Public Holiday. Most players could not get the day off and arrived after working that day. This meant that the majority of players could only play on Saturday and/or Sunday. Next year Friday is a public holiday so I am hoping player turn out will be larger.