Friday, February 17, 2017

THLZ Episode 7: Errata Has Arrived.

We had some questions, we got some answers.

Sooner than expected, we got an errata to the rules and some questions answered. Due to real life and some scheduling conflicts, it only myself and Jason the Bruce on this podcast, but that didn't stop us as we covered the errata and the questions that got answered. We cover CANCON some and we also  talk about Alex Barton's excellent troop and tank tokens he made. 

Podcast Breakdown:
1:38 The News
3:17 Hobbytime
7:18 Gametalk
23:51 War Reports
59:20 Q/A
1:34:57 Upcoming Events

Here is the link to 6mm D6 that the Bruce mentioned.

Rob's, the TO for CANCON, gift from the players. Well done gents.


For tokens, acrylic and MDF please check out The Model Exchange for all those needs, they have acrylic station, clusters, debris, Battlegroup Spike and Layer trackers, and so much more!

Once again, please support the Patreon, it keeps teamspeak and soundcloud running, and will allow us to do more as we go on. We don't do this for the money, we do it for you the listener. 


  1. roughly 1:29:00 , Dave said on BOW that Torpedos only come back once

  2. we noticed that as well. i copied and pasted the errata and questions as they appeared on the hawk page.

    Q. Torpedoes state that if they do not hit they attack again at the end of the target’s next activation. Does this only happen once and then they are removed, or do you keep rolling until the ship is hit? What above if it moves into Atmosphere?
    A. You keep rolling each turn until the Torpedo hits. If the ship is destroyed, moves off the table or is removed for any other reason, the Torpedo is removed. If the ship enters Atmosphere, the Torpedo is also removed.

    Looks like we need to bug Dave some more...