Friday, September 30, 2016

We Have Launch!

It is here! Finally here! 

We have pledges being launched into Atmosphere via Interlink (I think that is their name) and are landing on peoples doorsteps.

In fact some people have been posting pictures of what they have been building!

4 starter fleets!

Beautiful eh? Yes I agree. Dropfleet is going to add in a HUGE amount of interchangeability into the Drop Universe.

With 5 pages of integrating Dropfleet with Dropzone Commander there will be many days of joint campaigns in the works. Gods that will be fun.

What to come. . . 

With so many sighing in relief that we are at then end of the tunnel that is called Kickstarter, we are seeing people building their models and looking to start demo days. I know for a fact that once I paint up the UCM and Scourge, I will be having demo days running every weekend.

We will need to build the communities and with Dropfleet fresh out of the box it will be easier. It will be on Hawk though to get enough product to suppliers though. That is the second key to the lock.

What can you do? Well get in contact with your Local Stores, your gaming clubs, and set up demo days. Do demo days every week or other week and we should see a marked increase in the player base once Dropfleet is release to the public.

Well enough boring chatter, have some pictures!

Look at that detail! Steve Horne painted Hazard stripes! O.o

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