Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dropfleet Commander Update! Information on the Beasts of War Video! Part 1

Alright Ladies and gentlemen, for those that have not seen this yet please here it is! The video that is making all the buzz.

Now that you have seen the video you will notice a few things. First off. . . those ships look AMAZING!!!

If you want some screen shots of the ships in that video I have posted them to the Facebook Dropfleet Commander page. Just follow the link but some of the ships will also be in this article.

Now onto some of the amazing things we have found out. In this post I will be covering the UCM and the Scourge as well as some changes that we have heard about, in my part 2 post I will be going over the Shaltari and the PHR along with how troopships will work for all the factions and in part 3 I will be going over the Station and Launch Assets!

First off the Beijing is immense! This is next to the Seattle Fleet Carrier which is almost 4" long on it own (101mm for the rest of you)

It is packing a Burn Through Laser in the center by the looks of it as well as 4 heavy rail turrets (2 on each side) on the rear AND 3 more heavy rail turrets under the nose. It is going to take a pounding and be a possible mainstay in any fleet.

From there we have the the two UCM Exclusive Battlecruisers!

The Atlantis

The Atlantis is a Fleet Carrier and a Cruiser mixed into a single package. Now this may confuse some of you with the Seattle, but this has the Fleet capacity of the Seattle as well as the fire power of the Moscow Heavy Cruiser. You can see this by the 4 Heavy Railguns under the nose as well as the 2 Heavy Railguns over the hangerbay. Something amazing to note is that there are Fighters sculpted into the Hangerbay of this ship!

Now this ship is Exclusive to High Backers only of the kickstarter so I am sorry but you cant get it anymore! Thankfully I did get a Commodore pledge so this is mine!

The second Exclusive Battlecruiser (BC) that the UCM are getting which was put up so that everyone could get at least one UCM BC is the Avalon.

This thing is a beater. It has on it 4 Heavy Railguns on the back as a single profile so you can shoot them all at once (this is subject to change), it also has a Heavy Burn Through Laser (now known as the BTL) that is the equivalent of 2 small BTL's.

Now there have been some changes to how the BTL works. Instead of just being dice for infinite damage they have capped off how much damage each BTL is capable of. So if your BTL has a cap of 3 damage it can only go that high. It still can ignore armor for each successive hit if you beat your lock (the X+ you are aiming for on the dice) by 2 or more. It also now adds spikes to the ship that is being hit! This is important because that means if you have a Frigate that has a BTL (there is only 1 currently but we will get to that in another post) it can light up a ship by adding a spike to it after its BTL hits it and your slower Cruisers and up can hit it at a greater distance.

Lots of information but we are going strong here and are almost done with this part so hang on.

The Scourge have what I think is the COOLEST BC in terms of capability (while the PHR BC is the best by far)

Now this is the Basilisk and it has Full Cloak.

It also has a Occulus weapons (the eyes! Frickin laser beams from the eyes!) that have lock value if 3 so you need a 3+ to hit and on a 5 or 6 you punch through the armor. On top of that it deals 2 points of damage instead of 1 like most other ships and if you are in the Basilisk's scan range your armor is 1 worse so when you roll for your armor you need 1 higher. So if it is a 4+ it is a 5+. . .

Now this sounds like it will be difficult to deal with right? You are probably thinking that you will go for it first right? Let me tell you about the Basilisk having a Full Cloak.

Now from the way Dave said this, Full Cloak is going to be a rule book main special abilities. There is also a Partial Cloak but we have no information on this at this time.

What Full Cloak does is, it makes the ship with it never gain a Spike. There are 3 types of spikes. There is the Standard spike which means you are only visible at your basic signature range. Then there is a Minor Spike which increases how far they can see you by 6" and lastly there is the Major Spike which is 12" out from your signature that the enemy can see you.

So Full Cloak makes it so that you can't have anything above a standard spike. So he can see you but you can't see him! This of course is negated once the ship with Full Cloak is crippled amd/or destroyed.

Alright guy's and gals. I will see you in the next segment with part 2 where I will be covering the PHR and their amazing game Frigates as well as the Shaltari's BC and their gating shenanigans!!!


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