Monday, September 11, 2017


Hi People,

The guy's invited me to do a bit of blogging. So thanks for the convidence guys!
Here goes!

For my tournament at the start of October I'm making Moons.
I had 1 sphere in my bits box for ages to make a planet for BFG.
So it's something i had thought about making for some time on and off.
Life being life, that never happend.

So luckly DFC I fell for too! So here is how i did them!

These are sold as a pair for 5,60 euro's. If you are willing to go bulk even cheaper. For now this will do.

Making them is easy if you have a 3year old that loves to cut and carve.
If you aren't blessed with a randomizing human wonder, well randomize what you cut out.

You're options with this are the following:
- Knife
- Candle
- Paintstripping gun
- Wall filler magic mix

I went with the knife and 3year old helping over a blanket(Don't tell the misses)
saves on cleaning up time after.
After the randomizer is done, add a bit of line's to large cratters plus small cratters between the big ones. Don't forget to do the bottom edge!

Than i put got a hotairgun(aka the hairdryer**) and went over the spheres.
This melts the lines and craters a bit more random and lets it look less cut.

I got a piece of sanding paper 120th and sanded the "flat" parts roughly, because next i added my version of magic mix.
Latex paint, Woodglue (PVA), bit of sand, fine/medium gravel and acrylic coloured paint.

That went on as heavy as a Marine on... well...hmm... ask George... This fills some of the craters up again, but will crack when drying overnight. and the gravel will get you some weird looking mountain heaps. Before i left it I sprinkled some glitter on them. My idea of indicating they are rescources, and well that's what my 3y old did on the first set.

Drybrush like crazy several times, i went with white and yellow mixed up a bit and pure white on the blue.
Add a wash of your choice in the deepest parts. I went with Rust Orange from AV.

Then a final drybrush/stampeling and you're done!

It looks a lot better like this on the table than salade bowls, cut outs or anything else I've seen online!

Have fun making them people!


** DO NOT, DO NOT run a hairdryer to long on the hottest setting. Unless you want it to burn through its safety. 7-10second bursts will do just fine!

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