Friday, July 21, 2017

THLZ Episode 17: Communication from the hive.

"You're some kind of big fat smart bug, aren't you?" ~Starship Troopers

Captian Sock, Bruce, The Duncan Levi and I talk about the Scourge fleet deck, yes I still say fleet deck. Captin Socks also gets to go to Gencon, and we all hate him for it. We also talk about the kickstarter update, and the Bruce broke his air brush. Enjoy the audio pleasure.

Show break down
News 1:48
Hobbytime: 7:17
Gametalk: 16:57
War Reports: 42:20
Q/A: 46:37
Upcoming Events:1:03:03

Here's the link to the Dropzone/Dropfleet tourny.

Thanks again to our sponsor The Model Exchange.

And thank you to all the listeners, you make the show worth doing. 

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