Friday, June 9, 2017

THLZ Episode 15: Strike Carriers and Corvettes, Oh Myyy...

Some seasoning to go with your meat and potatoes.

As we finish up book content the Duncan Levi and Bruce chat with me about Corvettes and Strike Carriers, all of which seem good since each faction only has one. There was also alot of tourneys that happened the weekend of recording. And AWESOME battle report from Oleksiy Kirsenko 
Podcast Breakdown
News: 1:46
Hobby Time: 3:10
Game Talk: 5:15
War Reports: 41:11
Upcoming Events 51:14

The New Battle Cruisers: Photo courtesy of Hawk Wargames

Hawk Wargames UKGE Awards: Photo courtesy of Hawk Wargames

As we said in the cast here is the link to Oleksiy Kirsenko's battle report. (Again sorry if we butchered your name.)

And also the link to the upcoming tournament on the 25th of June hosted by Michael Russell 

Thank you to our sponsor The Model exchange, and thanks to our Patreon supports as well. 

And of course, thank you to all of the listeners, with out you there would be no show.


  1. Another thing to note about all the voidgates needed with all the nerfs, is that its hard to actually buy a lot of extra voidgates. I find myself needing to buy more sprues for no reason other than just needing more voidgates. Both the cruiser and starter sets only come with 2-3 and the frigate box doesnt come with any, i have a kickstarter and several other sets, and I still dont feel like i own enough now. I'm not really sure how I can get more without buying tons of extra stuff.

    1. Im kinda the same way Connor, my last game I finally saw how weak the gates have become, it didn't stop me from winning, but still. And the way I play you have to spam strike carriers on me, i have become very effective on taking out other launch assists in my meta

    2. do you typically run 2 motherships or 3? i play 1250 and I usually run a battleship and 2 motherships with some redundant gates, and I'm curious if others run with more troop launch than that.