Friday, December 25, 2015

Thus the Misadventure begins!

Welcome all! This is a brand new blog for me (duh) into the world of Hawk Wargames! Now I say Hawk Wargames because this will encompass both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander (Yes I am a happy backer of Dropfleet). Now the crux of this blog! To provides updates not only on my modeling and painting but also the work I am doing to increase the amount of players in my area (this is the hard part).

Where I live Dropzone Commander has yet to actually take off. Sure we have a few players here and there but we don't have anywhere near the level of play that I would like or enjoy so I will be working on that (advice ALWAYS welcome!)

Well I guess I could start by showing off what I have been doing eh?

So I started this game a few weeks back by getting the 2 Player Starter set from my my FLGS! Now I am pretty loyal to my FLGS's in my region and buy solely from them before going to any other retailers. Having said that I could not wait to get this open and built!

Now the Starter set comes with two armies at almost 600 points each. Now where near a full game and even missing some things like Commanders and artillery which is perfectly fine! It does come with some great pre-cut card stock terrain and some great posters that fold out into your play area.

I did do a play test of the game against myself to get the rules down as well as some of the feel of the game. WOW it was a fast and brutal game, things died so much quicker than other games like Warhammer 40k (created by the company that shall not be named), and the game lived up to its need of being tactical and big picture thinking which was AMAZING!

After playing this game I brought it to my FLGS and played a game with a random person who had never played a Ground based wargame before. He played X-Wing but that is wargame light to me (I play Star Wars Armada, the TRUE Star Wars Wargame!). He did some interesting things that was fun and he picked right up on the game but one could tell that he was unused to the game style.

From there I got my Prime opponent to play the game and hooked him in, hook, line, and sinker (pun intended). Now we are working on figuring out what he wants to start off on which from what I can tell is UCM.

During my research of this game I found this blog called Orbital Bombardment which also does a podcast. Well in one of their blogs and podcasts they did an upgrade list to the starter armies last christmas which you can find here. So to help out my Prime opponent we used this as a basis for figuring out what he wanted to play with.

Now! My latest works. I literally picked these up yesterday (christmas eve) and built them after work staying up till about 0300 or so (got off of work at 2330), it was a good way to bring in the holiday on my own I guess.
I bring to you my PHR and Shaltari starter sets! Now I cant wait to paint these in which I will cheat. . . a lot. I plan on applying white primer to all of the armies and then washing the models in colors that I think will look great.

Well, that is all for now, my next post will be on Dropzone Commander and what you can expect from the game. All from the aspect of a newbie like me!~

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